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Master; Fic List~

To read what I try to perfect;
(Warning: This is only slash and femme slash, you don't like don't read, simple~)


It's A Date| Heechul/Hankyung | G | Fluff/Humor | Super Junior
Hankyung's back from China & Heechul has something to tell him

.Empty Kitchens | Henry/Zhou Mi | G | Humor | SJ-M
Zhou Mi wants Henry in an empty kitchen.

The Fourth | Kibum/Donghae | G | Romance/Humor | Super Junior 
Kibum keeps forgetting their anniversary all the time, Donghae wonders what's so great this time?

The Name's Donkkomo | Yesung's Turtle | G | Humor | Super Junior
What runs through Yesung's turtle's mind?

They're Talking | Hankyung/Heechul | PG or G | Humor/Crack | Super Junior
Super Junior members are complaing about their girlfriends, Hankyung wonders how to console them.

I'ld Bleed To Let You Live | Eetuek/Heechul | R | Angst | Super Junior 
They protect each other and convince themselves that everything is going to okay.

After Life | Hankyung/Heechul | PG | Romance 
Hankyung dies; and then he meets Heechul 

It's Home | Siwon/Sungmin | PG | Romance 
It's just around Sungmin 

Brewing Us | Hankyung/Heechul | PG | Romance 
A lot can happen over coffee

The Pages Of His Diary | Hankyung/Heechul | PG | Romance/Angst (mild)
Hankyung finds Heechul's diary

Precious Beings | Zhou Mi/Henry | G | Bromance/Humor
It's because Zhou Mi is what Henry isn't; a shopaholic

How it changes | Kyuhyun/Siwon | PG | Romance/Fluff
It changes to something that has a meaning.

There's no air; no breathing | PG | Heechul / Hankyung | Romance / Angst
Can't breathe without you baby


Touch [1] [2] [3] | Yunho/Jaejoong | PG 13 | Romance/Drama | DBSK
Jaejoong has a power, a power he hates. A touch from him is enough for people to forget him. But too bad Yunho fell in love with him.

Of SM Town Meetings & A Bedroom | YunhoxJaejoong | NC-17 | Smut | DBSK 
Jaejoong misses Yunho, Yunho misses Jaejoong, they meet.

Towards You | Yunho/Jaejoong | PG13 | AU/Romance/Drama | Chaptered
Karma is a bitch and it shoves your past right up your face. 

The Way It Is | ot5; Changmin/Everyone | G | Bromance/Friendship/General/(mild) Angst
His life is flashing before his eyes and it's only the five of them.

 Just Like Before | Yunho/Jaejoong | PG |  Romance
It's the way they are

First Impressions | Yunho/Jaejoong | PG13 | Romance/Humor 
When Yunho sees Jaejoong for the first time, he's dressed in a tight fitting dress, has his hair neatly tied in a bun, taking orders and looking beautiful

Waiting for yesterday | Yunho-centric; (subtle)Yunho/Jaejoong | G | General/(mild) Angst
He was happy yesterday.he waits for it again.

To you, from him | Yunho/Jaejoong; BFF!Yunho/Changmin | PG | Romance/Bromance/Angst
Yunho's dead, Changmin's the only one who can see him.

Bite me deep (Fuck me hard) | Yunho /Jaejoong | R | Vampire!AU
It's war this time around

Once again (one more time) | ot5 | G | Bromance/Friendship

I want to be your bed in your room for just a day

They keep the faith | Yunho / Jaejoong | G | Romance
Just something Jaejoong wants Yunho to keep

When a leagacy ends | ot5; Changmin-centric | G | Bromance
One where Changmin has to watch Harry Potter with the other four.

There's no air; no breathing | Yunho / Jaejoong | PG | Romance / Angst |
Can’t breath without you, baby.

The quiet world | Yunho / Jaejoong | G | Apocalyaptic ! AU / Romance
They are beginning when the world is ending

If it matters | Jaejoong / Changmin | PG | Angst / Romance
Jaejoong’s a puzzle, Changmin wants to solve him.


SHINee | ot5 | G  | Humor
Sometimes dreams don't come true...or do they? 

Questions | Taemin/Minho [2Min] | PG-13 | Romance/Fluff | SHINee
Taemin asks too many questions. 

Just Onew | Onew/Key | PG | Humor/Fluff | SHINee
Key's pissed at Onew, what should Onew do?

Just Because | Onew/Key | PG 13 | Romantically Angsty | SHINee
Onew knows what Key does.

That Smile| Taemin/Key | G | !umma/Maknae Fluff! | SHINee
Taemin recognizes that smile

Perfect | Jonghyun/Key !Broken Onew/Key | R | Angst | SHINee
Kibum knows what's perfect. 

Shelves | Onew/Key | G | Fluff | SHINee
Kibum saw him as he was stacking books in the library shelf.

Of Being Sick & Horny At The Same Time | Onew/Key | PG13 | Crack/Implied Sex | SHINee 
Jinki is sick, Kibum is horny, Minho wants to rape Taemin and Jonghyun has a girlfriend.

That One Night | ot5 | G | Family/Bromance.| SHINee
There's a thunderstorm and Jinki's is missing.

For The First Time| ot5 | G | Bromance | SHINee
Five years after disbanding, the five of them meet up again. 

Words Speak, But Actions Scream | Onew/Minho | PG | Romance | SHINee 
Choi Minho hates words.

Of Things Like Growing Up | Jonghyun/Taemin | PG | Bromance | SHINee
Taemin is missing and Jonghyun fears his life.

MinKey Drabbles | Minho/Key | G to PG15 | Romance/Humor | SHINee
A couple of drabbles.

Break Time | Minho/Key | NC-17(kinda) | Crack/Smut | SHINee
Apparently Minho and Kibum have a full bladder. Apparently.
The Lie I Want To Believe In | G | Minho/Taemin | Angst | SHINee
Taemin knows the turth
The Stars That Come Out (In The Morning) | | Jonghyun/Onew | Angst
He was the reality Jonghyun wanted.

Stuck in the Middle | Girl! Minho/Key | G | Friendship
Eunsook's stuck, right in the middle

Flying Stars | Onew/Key; Past! Minho/Key | PG | Angst/Romance
Minho's the brightest star shining in the sky.

You found me | Taemin/Minho | G | Romance
Taemin found Minho

There's no air; no breathing | Onew / Key | PG | Romance / Angst
can't breath without you, baby


Not A Man's Ideal TypeFemmeslash | Sooyoung/Everyone| PG | Romance/Humor
She was never a man's ideal type, not that she cared.

Roof top | Jessica/Sooyoung | G |Friendship 
It's the roof top for Jessica and Sooyoung 

Balls! | Sooyoung/Hyoyeon | PG | Humor
So they like games!


About Love (this time around) | DuJoon/JunHyung | G | Romance | BEAST 
The three times Jun Hyung watches Doo Joon confess, and the one time he means it.


This time around; let's toast to the moon and stars | Alexander/Kibum | PG13 | General/Romance
It's what they really are; free and together


A Lingering Kiss | Yunho/Jaejoong & Kangin/Eetuek | PG | Humor/Romance | Super Junior/DBSK
Yunho and Jaejoong wonder how they'll tell Eetuek and Kangin that they're not interested anymore?

Of Chilly Nights & Best Friends | Kyuhyun/Chagmin | G | Evil Maknaes/Humor | Super Junior/DBSK
Changmin hates sleepless nights...so he sneaks out.

Please No | Kyuhyun/Changmin | G | Evil Maknae/Humor | Super Junior/DBSK
What happened between Changmin and Kyuhyun?

Of Rainy Nights & Best Friends | Hyukjae/Junsu | G | Humor/Bromance | Super Junior/DBSK
Hyukjae and Junsu run off together one late night.  

Giving In Is Rather Easy When You Want Too | Sungmin/Yoochun | PG15 | Drama/Romance/Implied Sex| 
Super Junior/DBSK

Sungmin doesn't know how he gives in so easily to Yoochun, but he is not complaining that he does.

The Cafe | Yoochun/Sungmin | PG | Romance | Super Junior/DBSK
Sungmin doesn't call it stalker-like,he calls it coincedence.]

An Almost Sex Talk | Yoochun/Zhou Mi | PG | Sex Talk/Humor | SJ-M/DBSK
Yoochun rings up Ryeowook in China, but Ryeowook is not the one whom he ends up talking to. 

A Long Night...Or So He Thought | Yoochun/Hankyung | PG15 | Romance/Drama/Implied Sex | 
Super Junior/DBSK
Hankyung's worried, Yoochun's turned on. A funny combination.

A Crush | Kevin/Cheondong | G | Fluff | UKISS/MBLAQ
It's hard to talk to your crush and Kevin learns it the hard way.

Crushes&More~ | Joon/Kibum | G | Fluff | UKISS/MBLAQ
Kevin's and Thunder's romance is not the only thing that's brewing in their respective dorms. 

Oh Cheondongie  | Kevin/Cheondong | G | Fluff | UKISS/MBLAQ
Xander has been acting creepy...too creepy.

A Dare Is What It All Takes | Kevin/Amber | G | Humor | UKISS/F(x)
A dare was given to Kevin, just a dare. He didn't expect to fall in love though. 

Of Splits and Soju | Victoria/Jia | PG | Romance/Humor | F(x)/Miss A
Jia wants Nickhun, or that's what she thinls.

Never Ever | Dongwoon/HyunSaeng/Kevin | PG | Fluff | UKISS/BEAST
It's a triangle and there's love with three people involved.

That's Just Right | Changmin/Kyuhyun | PG | Romance/Humor/Friendship | Super Junior/DBSK
The one where Changmin feels like a sissy teenage girl.

Boyfriend | Sooyoung/Donghae | G | Friendship/Humor | SNSD/Super Junior
Donghae tries to hard.

The Perfect Picture | Sooyoung/Heechul | G | Slice of Life/Humro | SNSD / Super Junior 
Sooyoung in the picture; Heechul is the painter

Difference of opinion | Sooyoung/Jino | PG | Romance/Humor | SNSD / SMTB 
Sooyoung has opinions, Jino wants them to change.

Experience | Sooyoung/Junsu | PG | Romance/Humor | SNSD/DBSK 
Junsu's the senior Sooyoung hates.

Let me into your world | Changmin / Minho | G | Fluff | DBSK / SHINee
You look up to Choikang, but you love Shim.



This is definately my death T-T

kpop_prompts  challenge, my pairing being Siwon/Sungmin from Super Junior~  Rules and everything here! 


35 Fic UKiss Challenge.

.01. Infinite [Xander/Eli]
.02. Runaway [Xander/Dongho]
.03. Erase Me [Xander/Kevin]
.04. Past Tense [Xander/Kiseop]
.05. Confessions [Xander/Soohyun]
.06. Recollections [Xander/Kibum]
.07. Drunk [Eli/Dongho]
.08. Playing Favorites [Eli/Kevin]
.09. Indiscreet [Eli/Kiseop]
.10. Nothing Better [Eli/Soohyun]
.11. Anyone Else But You [Eli/Kibum]
.12. Baby [Dongho/Kevin]
.13. In A Kingdom Far, Far Away [Dongho/Kiseop]
.14. Strobe Lights [Dongho/Soohyun]
.15. Protect Me [Dongho/Kibum]
.16. Cracked Open Ribs [Kevin/Kiseop]
.17. Bulletproof [Kevin/Soohyun]
.18. Repair [Kevin/Kibum]
.19. Rivalries [Kiseop/Soohyun]
.20.Paper Planes [Kiseop/Kibum]
.21. Exaggerations [Soohyun/Kibum]
.22. Once Upon A Time [Dongho/Dongho]
.23. Damaged [Kevin/Kevin]
.24. Time-lines [Soohyun/Soohyun]
.25. Paperclips [Kibum/Kibum]
.26. Serenity [Kiseop/Kiseop]
.27. Abracadabra [Eli/Eli]
.28. Hitchhiking [Xander/Xander]
.29. Irony [YC*]
.30. Ghosts [YC*]
.31. Instinct [YC*]
.32. Harmless Infatuations [YC*]
.33. Not Yet Rated [YC*]
.34. Disguise [YC*]
.35. Radio [YC*]

*YC = Your Choice. Do a threesome. Focus on just one member. OT7. Go crazy.

The rest of the rules and regulations for the challenge right here!

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