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[Fanfic] Going Strong

Pairing:Yunho / Jaejoong
Rating: G
Genre: Romance | Fluff
Summary: He is as gorgeous as the moment is.


Jaejoong walks away from everyone and tries to calm himself down, his heart is beating in his throat and it’s beating too fast. They have done it, they’ve won. Dong Bang Shin Ki’s done it again; they sang, danced and performed like Gods, like the Gods they truly are. Jaejoong lets go of his breath and spins around and there he is. His proud smile suiting his royal features as he walks towards Jaejoong; he looks princely, showing off his pearly whites and walking like a fine king;

U Know Yunho.

And for that moment, everything is unclear to Jaejoong; everyone else is a blur, the audience, his members and the SHINee boys – all a blur. Simply a backdrop to Yunho’s glorious presence; all the noise drowns out, the cheers, the MC ‘s voice, hoots, whistles, celebration – everything falls silent and Jaejoong can only hear his heart’s thump thump

Yunho looks gorgeous, tall, strong, winner like, his eyes twinkling and his perfectly shaped lips parted in a beautiful smile; Jaejoong wants to capture this moment, of Yunho walking up to him, glowing brightly. He wants to capture it and keep it forever to remind himself of this day and this stage and this Yunho – how beautiful they are.

Jaejoong swings his hand up for high five and probably a one shoulder hug, but Yunho swoops him in, and pulls him close and Jaejoong is crushed in between Yunho’s arm and chest. Jaejoong’s eyes flutter close and he feels himself and Yunho swaying in their embrace and Jaejoong can’t hide the blush that creeps onto his face when Yunho lets go of him.

Jaejoong feels Yunho’s hand sliding into his and grasping it tightly; we’ve done it Yunho’s eyes say, when he smiles at Jaejoong, their hands still tightly gripped together. Jaejoong smiles, almost coyly, at Yunho and they take a big bow together, along with SHINee boys; Yunho refuses to let go of Jaejoong’s hand and Jaejoong’s isn’t complaining one bit.

Jaejoong watches as Yunho congratulates the SHINee boys and pats them on the back and he watches the latter in admiration; he’s the pillar to their teamwork, Jaejoong thinks; the one that keeps them going, the one that shoulders all responsibilities and makes sure that all the members are comfortable. The one to pull Junsu away from the computer screen, Yoochun from the piano and Changmin from the food and drag them to bed.

Leader U Know Yunho.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s U Know Yunho.

Cassiopeia’s U Know Yunho.

His Jung Yunho.

we’ve done it Yunho’s smiling again, staring at Jaejoong.

Damn right we have Jaejoong smiles back.

And they’ll do it all over again.


I won’t fall out of love
I won’t fall out of
I won’t fall out of love
I won’t fall out of
I won’t fall out of love
I won’t fall out of

I’ll fall into you

a/n for yuki_3 in memory of MKMF 2008 ♥
Tags: are you sure this is a fanfic?, fluffeh, gods who rise, jaejoong likes yunho, this makes my tooth hurt, yunho like jaejoong
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