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[FANFIC] Lost with you

Pairing: Jinki/Minho
Genre: Romance | AU
Rating: PG
Summary: They are lost; together.

a/n: this is for my Hyung, jaebalkajima She is lovely and holds my hand and talks to me all the time, we talk rubbish and roll on each other but that’s why we are awesome.

They are lost lovers; wandering through places, discovering emotions and living off fresh air. They only carry the necessary things; bottles of water, towels, money and their hearts beating to the whirr of the engine.

Minho drives most of the time because he likes driving and also because, he doesn’t really trust Jinki with this car. But Jinki doesn’t complain, he likes it when Minho drives, it brings out the sexy in Minho is what Jinki thinks and Jinki likes the passenger seat better, it lets him enjoy the wind more.

Most of the times they don’t know where they are headed, they just drive. They drive past beaches and graveyards, towns and villages; wherever there is a road and wherever it takes them – they drive. Minho’s forgotten when they have started driving, he just remembers Jinki packing their bag and loading it into the car and he remembers himself being happy but, Jinki remembers everything, he remembers wanting to drive to somewhere in between nowhere and discovering what it meant living each day like it was his last one.

They camp out at night, most of the time it’s the coast where they can start a bonfire and listen to old songs and sing along drinking bottles of beer; Jinki thinks he can go on living like this, he loves the feeling of not knowing where they are going next, what’s going to happen to them, where they are going to end up. But he thinks Minho’s different, he wants to believe Minho’s happy and that Minho also likes not knowing; but Minho is different.

Minho likes consistency, he likes to plan things and he makes sure that things go the way it’s planned. Minho wants to have control over situations, he wants to know things. He likes be secured and doesn’t appreciate change as much as Jinki does; sometimes Jinki sees it in Minho’s eyes, the longing to go back home, back to their previous lives; back to being with the other three, back to being normal. But when Minho kisses him, Jinki feels that Minho’s telling him otherwise; that he enjoys being on this ridiculous roller coaster and walking through life, blind folded. And Jinki believes them, because there is nothing truer then Minho’s kisses.

Their love making is passionate; like creating music or composing a song. They move rhythmically and their bodies are in sync with each other’s. Jinki digs his fingernails into Minho’s back when the taller boy has got him pinned to the back seat of the car, some song is playing from the radio, they haven’t had a proper bath in days, they look untidy and feel messier but it couldn’t get more beautiful. Minho drives faster and deeper into Jinki and the latter gasps and tries to breathe; they have been together for a long time now, but their love making is never boring; it could never be boring with all those crazy, kinky ideas Minho wanted to try on Jinki.

“Where to next?” Minho asks, rolling onto his side and running his fingers through Jinki’s hair.

“Wherever you take me…” Jinki replies, biting his lip.

Minho stares at Jinki for a moment too long, leans down and kisses him softly; “I could take you home…” he whispers over Jinki’s lips.

Jinki’s feels tingles run down his spine when Minho’s breath is hot against his skin; “I am home…” Jinki says, arching his back off and kissing Minho again;

And believe it or not, Minho’s home too.


a/n2: I feel the ending’s too rushed.

But it’s been so long since I wrote Shinee so I guess I am forgiven? No? Okay.
Tags: minho is a whore, onew's chicken bitch, shinee is leaving me
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