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[FANFIC] Dynamics of being us.

Pairing: Yunho / Jaejoong
Rating: R
Genre: AU | Romance | Smut
Summary : Love, they say, can be found in the most hopeless of places. For Jung Yunho, it was the first room on the right in a shady prostitution center.

Yunho’s sick of his life. It’s boring, dull, and mundane and down right disgusting.

He sits in the cheap bar at the counter all by himself, downing his drink one after the other. He is drunk, his senses were slowly failing him and he can’t think straight. Neither can he walk straight; he staggers out of the cheap bar; tie loose against his expensive dress shirt, his suit stinking of smoke, cheap beer and sweat. He can’t really see where he’s going but that doesn’t stop him, he leans against a shady building that has flickering lights at the entrance and a sleazy red “welcome” mat with rat bitten holes kept at the door.

“You look like you could use some good time.”

“Huh?” Yunho turns to the direction of the voice; he spots a man standing by the entrance, a lit cigarette held in his hand. He was wearing a worn out jacket and ripped denim pants; his face was a blur to Yunho. “What?” Yunho manages.

He drops his stick and stamps it out and juts out his thumb to the broken sign that’s hung right above him; Heaven Hours

Right, Yunho thinks, standing up straight. Sex, sex sounds good.

Sex is what he needs.

“You got anyone pretty?” Yunho asks, taking small steps towards the entrance. The man smiles widely and pulls his jacket tighter around himself; he gestures Yunho to follow him inside.

The moment Yunho steps into the place, he knows it’s a horrible idea; it’s a mistake if he gives it a serious thought, but he isn’t thinking about it, he isn’t thinking at all. Thinking is for the weak and the rich, for once he wants to be spontaneous and normal.

“Enjoy.” The man hands him a pair of keys and points to a flight of stairs; “Up there, first door on your right.”

“Right.” Yunho nods, he takes out a wad of notes and slams it on the desk, he’s probably paying too much, but he really doesn’t care. He, slowly but definitely not steadily, makes his way up the stairs, he grips the railing to the stairs and finally makes it to the first floor. The corridor is dimly lit and the floor is carpeted, there was a pot kept at the very end of corridor – a pathetic try to add class to the run down place. Yunho sighs as holds the door knob to the first door on his right; he rests his forehead against the door. He feels his heart beat increasing by the minute; he feels his head slightly spinning and he feels nauseated. If news like this was to ever get out and fall into the hands of the press, it would be the end of everything, the heir to the Jung Financing found in some cheap, gay hotel in some dark part of the town. This would be gold for the reporters.

But he clicks the door open and steps in anyway.


To call him pretty is an understatement, he is gorgeous. He’s sitting on the bed, his legs crossed over one other and arms supporting the rest of him. He looks classy, clad in all black; he looks way too classy to be sitting in a cheap room. He’s glowing, he has a faint Godly aura around him; Yunho stands by the door, hand tight around the knob and stares at him, the feeling of nausea returns, his throat feels clenched and his head starts spinning again;

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come in?” The man asks, uncrossing his legs and looking at Yunho.

Yunho stares at him; his nice, long, skinny legs look delicious in his tight black jeans. Sex with this man is exactly what Yunho needs, it would take his mind off things and it would give him his well deserved break from the life he led. He takes a step into the room and lets the door shut behind him.

The man gets off the bed and walks over to him, Yunho notices how dangerously his hips move and he walks like a cat. He tries to gulp down the fat lump in his throat, he feels claustrophobic and another wave of nausea hits him.

“You seem so tensed…” the man coos, sliding behind Yunho and massaging his back.

His fingers are magic.

“You need to relax more…”

Yunho hums and allows the man to be led him to the bed; the mattress is far from being comfortable, it’s hard and has a strong stink of alcohol. He feels the other man’s gaze on him. Looking up, Yunho looks into the other man’s eyes, they look cold and heartless but they shine – like crystals. And for a moment, Yunho wants to believe that this man has no soul and that he’s with the devil himself.

“Are you okay? You look kind of sick….”

Yunho wants to say yes, he’s alright and that there was nothing wrong with him; but he feels himself hurling forward, like his insides were being squeezed out and his throat was burning.

And everything goes black.


“You bastard.”

Yunho cracks an eye open and groans it’s too early and too bright for him to wake up. He’s going through one of the worst hangovers ever and someone’s continuously cursing at him.

“How could you be so irresponsible? If I wasn’t around to save your sorry ass you could have gotten into some serious shit, I hope you realize that. And wake up you piece of shit…don’t you dare sleep when I am trying to make you feel bad here.”

Yunho groans again and with great difficulty he sits up, resting against the head board; he squints and sees Changmin standing at one end of the room, hands on his hips and frowning. Yunho looks around, confused.

“What – where am I?” He croaks, looking at his best friend.

“You are at my house, in my bedroom and thanks to you I had to sleep on the couch last night.”

“Wha – why?”

“You got drunk and passed out at some cheap prostitution place…if your father came to knew the places you visited to get wasted – “

“Oh shut it…” Yunho snaps, sitting up. “I know what he’s capable of; I have been his son for the past twenty six years thanks.”

Changmin frowns and stares at Yunho; “That’s not the point, what I want to is what were you doing in that low down place?”

“I don’t know.” Yunho groans, rubbing his face. “I don’t remember anything – except for crystal eyes, I am not sure why.”

Changmin sighs and shakes his head; “I am going to get you something to eat, get yourself off the bed and freshen up.”

Yunho watches as Changmin as leaves the room and he sinks back into the mattress; he closes his eyes and there are images of crystal like eyes, red full lips and someone’s silhouette against a glowing light and his head hurts more.


“Who’s Jaejoong?” Yunho asks, staring at the piece of card that he finds in his jacket pocket. There’s a name and a number scribbled carelessly and an ugly smiley face.

“The guy who called me to rescue you” Changmin says, sipping on his juice. “Apparently, you threw up all over him so you owe him his laundry money and your tie’s there.”

“My tie?”

“Yeah, he took it off to make sure you were breathing…”

Yunho hums, looking at the piece of paper; it’s all slowly coming back to him but he can’t remember this Jaejoong’s face for the life in him; “…and he was really good looking, for someone who works in such a low down place, he looked like he had class.” Changmin says, with a tilt of his head.

And Yunho remembers thinking the same thing.


He decides to give Jaejoong a call because it’s the right thing to do and also because, he wants his tie back.

It’s his favorite tie.

Someone picks up the call after several rings; the voice is gruff and heavy with sleep. “Hellllooo?”

“Um…am I speaking to Jaejoong?” Yunho asks, putting on his most formal voice.

“Ugh, hang on…Jaejooooooooooong, your call.”

Yunho hears the phone being passed on; “Hello…” Yunho is momentarily mesmerized by the voice; it sounds like caramel – soft, yet bold. “..Jaejoong here.”

“Um…hi…” Yunho starts, only he doesn’t know how to continue.

How do you tell someone that you are calling because you threw up on them and you want your favorite tie back?

“This is Yunho, Jung Yunho. I – uh…”

“You threw up on me, I remember.” He hears Jaejoong saying; “…and I have your tie with me, I know that too.”

“Oh…” Yunho’s doesn’t what else to say. “…okay, then. I just – “

“I know what you want, where do you want to meet up?”

“Um, I could meet you at Seoul restaurant by lunch time, if that’s okay with you?” Yunho suggests.

“Sure, see you there. Bye”


When Yunho flips his phone shut, he isn’t too sure why his heart feels like it’s stuck in his throat and beating wildly.


Yunho spots him instantly, he’s standing amidst a crowd but he stands out; the wind is slightly tugging on the ends of his hair and he’s playing with the ends of the scarf that’s around his neck. He looks up and spots Yunho and gives him a familiar smile and it’s those eyes. Yunho walks up to him and stands there awkwardly; “Are you always this awkward?” Jaejoong jokes and pulls Yunho’s tie out of it. “It’s a nice tie…”

“Thanks...” Yunho says, looking at his tie. “…for helping me the other night. I was a mess.”

“I could tell.” Jaejoong nods. “This might seem weird, coming from me especially, but you need some serious help – like a therapist, maybe?”

Yunho laughs loud and clear and squints at Jaejoong; “You don’t even know me…”

“Maybe not, but I do know sex gets you nauseated.”

Yunho cringes, blushes lightly and looks away; “Oh yeah, the money for your dry cleaning…how much should I pay you?”

“Twenty bucks…” Jaejoong smiles; Yunho fidgets with his wallet and looks up at Jaejoong; “Have you had lunch?”

Jaejoong looks a bit taken aback; “uh, no not yet.”

“Me neither, let’s have lunch?” Yunho suggests and Jaejoong hesitates; “I…don’t know, I should be getting back...”

“C’mon…” Yunho persists; “It’s just lunch and I am not going to kill you, I promise.”

Jaejoong bites his lip nervously and finally shrugs; “I know I am going to regret this later…” he sighs and laughs and Yunho smiles.

“It’s just lunch…” Yunho says; “No big deal.”

Or so, Yunho thinks.


Jaejoong has to leave for work and Yunho isn’t sure if he is ready to let go of Jaejoong; Jaejoong’s like some sort of exotic chocolate, Yunho’s kind of addicted to him and wants more and more. Jaejoong’s interesting, thoughtful, mysterious, sexy and he looks really cute when he eats and Yunho really doesn’t want to let him go.

“Alright, I better get going…” Jaejoong smiles; “…and thank you for lunch, I really appreciate it.”

“Anytime.” Yunho shrugs and watches as Jaejoong turns to leave. “Hey…” He calls out, before he can stop himself and Jaejoong turns around; “I – when can I see you again?”

Jaejoong furrows in brows and looks at Yunho, amusedly; “What?”

“You, when can I see you again?”

“Why would you want to see me again?”

“Why not?” Yunho smiles weakly.

“I have to work…” Jaejoong rolls his eyes and turns to leave.

And Yunho realizes what Jaejoong means.


Yunho sighs as he stares at the old, dirty building.

And he deems himself stupid, because he isn’t thinking and he’s not drunk; at all. – But he has to see Jaejoong again. He just has to.

He vaguely remembers the greasy man at the reception; “You’re back!” the man smiles and Yunho tries not to cringe at how yellow and dirty his teeth are.

“Yeah – uh, I am here for Jaejoong.”

The greasy man stares at Yunho for a while and laughs loudly; “Kid, around this area he is more commonly called Hero

Yunho shrugs; “I am not bothered with that, I want him.”

The man lets out a wolf whistle; “Looks like someone was happy with last time, he’s not here yet. His work shift starts from nine, you’re early and in luck.”

Yunho feels something tug at his heart and he pulls out his wallet to pay for Jaejoong.


“Hero, that’s a nice name.”

Jaejoong stops dead in his tracks and stares at Yunho, leaning on the wall and hidden well within the shadows; “Yunho?”

“You didn’t tell me you had a stage name…” Yunho chuckles.

“What are you doing here?” Jaejoong hisses, walking over the taller man.

“I was waiting for you…now that you are here, let’s go.”

“What? You’re crazy…”

“This is nothing, let’s go.”

Yunho reaches out for Jaejoong’s hand and tugs him towards his car; “What are you doing?” Jaejoong struggles against Yunho’s grip. “I have to work; I cannot afford to give up on my customers.”

Yunho spins around and stares at Jaejoong in the eye; “I am your customer…” He whispers and Jaejoong realizes how he’s never seen that mole on top Yunho’s lip and that it’s very sexy.


Yunho, Jaejoong realizes, is all sorts of warm fuzziness; the kind you want to hold onto during the winters. Jaejoong allows Yunho to take him where ever Yunho wants to go; Yunho drives them to the beach, gets Jaejoong ice cream at two in the morning and Jaejoong complies to the craziness, they sit on the cliffs, pants rolled up, shoes kept to their side and the early sunlight is gracing the horizon.

They are sitting closer then they know, Jaejoong shivers slightly and Yunho shifts closer, to keep him warm and comfortable. “This is the first time I have had so much fun with a customer…” Jaejoong smiles and looks at Yunho.

Yunho smiles, eyes crinkling and Jaejoong thinks, Yunho’s like a vulnerable child; “We can always have this much fun, I promise.” And he leans in towards Jaejoong and Jaejoong slowly leans back; “I don’t kiss on the lips…”

“Yeah well, there is always a first for everything.”

And when Yunho’s lips touches Jaejoong’s and there are fireworks in Jaejoong’s heart; his eyes flutters close and he’s sighing into the kiss. Yunho’s fingers find a way into Jaejoong’s hair and he’s pulling Jaejoong closer. Jaejoong leans into Yunho’s arms, he breathes Yunho in; Yunho has a faint smell of cologne and ice cream and his lips work softly and gently with Jaejoong’s lips and when they pull back, Yunho has the biggest, silliest smile on his face and Jaejoong feels his face warming up. “Idiot…” he chides Yunho and looks away.

Yunho drives Jaejoong back to his apartment; it’s a run down building and it’s about three blocks away from the place Jaejoong works.

“Thanks…” Jaejoong mumbles, unbuckling the seat belt “…I had a really nice time.”

“You couldn’t have had a better time then me, trust me on that.” Yunho chuckles and Jaejoong blushes again and Yunho can’t stop himself from leaning forward and pulling Jaejoong by the collar into another kiss.

“I want to see you again….” Yunho whispers, against Jaejoong’s lips and Jaejoong pulls back and sighs; “Bye Yunho”

He gets off the car and waves goodbye to Yunho and watches as Yunho rears up the engine and drives off. He waits till Yunho’s car’s gone and turns to enter his building.

Jaejoong sighs; he knew he was going to regret the lunch he had with Yunho.


Jaejoong isn’t really surprised to find Yunho standing there the next night, smiling childishly and there’s this naiveté about Yunho that attracts Jaejoong to him.

“Why, hello there stranger...” Yunho smiles; “Funny meeting you here on this gorgeous night.”

Jaejoong chuckles and looks at him amusedly; “Why are you here?”

“I thought maybe we could get dinner together?”

“I have work and I have to – “Jaejoong trails off when Yunho gives him a knowing smile and Jaejoong sighs. “Again?”

Yunho nods and opens up the passenger seat for Jaejoong; “C’mon I know the perfect place.”


It’s a huge apartment.

Jaejoong looks at everything with a twinkle in his eyes and Yunho laughs at him; “You look like a child.”

“I feel like one…” Jaejoong says, dropping his bag on the floor. “You have a freaking garden for a balcony.” Jaejoong laughs, running into the balcony.

Yunho watches Jaejoong run around the apartment and smiles; he puts out dinner for the two of them and decorates it with a candle – because Yunho’s always been a cheesy romantic.

They sit at the table and Yunho can’t stop staring at Jaejoong; he looks soft and golden against the candle light, Jaejoong looks at Yunho is the eye and smiles; “Stop staring.” He says in a soft voice and Yunho wants to steal him from everyone and keep him in his heart for probably the rest of his life.


They kiss softly; Jaejoong softly cups Yunho’s face and pulls him closer. Yunho’s warm and Jaejoong can feel his heart beat beating through his chest. Yunho slowly leads them into his bedroom, without breaking their delicious kiss. They tumble on to the bed, Yunho straddles Jaejoong and runs his hand softly through Jaejoong’s hair and kisses his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, his lips, his jaw and Jaejoong’s completely losing himself to Yunho

Jaejoong sighs when Yunho leaves butterfly kisses along his jaw, they look at each other briefly; “You’re so beautiful you know that?” Yunho whispers against Jaejoong’s ear and Jaejoong giggles; “No one’s ever told me that.”

“Bullshit.” Yunho laughs, pecking Jaejoong’s lips. “I could go on staring at you for the rest of my life and regret nothing.”

Jaejoong stifles a laugh and kisses Yunho full on the lips; “You’re an idiot…” he says; “A cheesy romantic idiot.”

“You found me.” Yunho chuckles, pressing his lips to Jaejoong’s temple; they kiss again and Jaejoong rolls over onto Yunho. Yunho has his arms tightly wrapped around Jaejoong’s slim waist and Jaejoong’s enjoying the kiss way too much.

“May I?” Yunho asks softly and Jaejoong smiles; “You don’t have to ask…” Jaejoong whispers, kissing him again.

They slowly pull the clothes off each other and the way Yunho’s looking at Jaejoong; it gives him goose bumps all over his body. Jaejoong shivers lightly when Yunho presses against him. Their love making is like a soft dream; a colorful, kaleidoscopic dream, a musical dream, a heavenly dream. Jaejoong’s beautiful when he parts his lips in a silent scream when Yunho’s inside him and Yunho wants to kiss him everywhere and mark him his.

They lie together under the sheets, heavenly spent and happy; Yunho softly fondles with Jaejoong’s hair and Jaejoong is safely tucked under Yunho’s arm; “Move in with me?” Yunho says, out of sudden and Jaejoong stops fiddling with Yunho’s fingers and turns to look at him; “What?”

“Live with me…it’ll be fun.”

Jaejoong blinks and laughs; “No it won’t be fun.”

“How do you know?” Yunho protests, propping himself on his elbows.

Jaejoong flips over onto his stomach and looks at Yunho; “Well for one, my work only begins after eleven and you’d be coming home then so one, we wouldn’t have time for each other and two, I think you’d get very jealous considering what I do for a living…”

Yunho throws his head back and sighs; “You don’t have make sense all the time, you know?”

Jaejoong giggles; “Well one of us has to” he says and Yunho smacks his butt.

“Let’s take a shower…” Yunho suggests; “I’ll rub your back this time.”

Jaejoong laughs and rolls over.


Yunho wakes up to the incessant ringing of the doorbell, he cracks an eye open and grins to himself when he sees Jaejoong buried under the blankets. He rolls out of bed and slips on his pants and dawdles over to the front door; “I am coming, keep your pants on sheesh.”

He pulls opens the door and it’s his father.

“Oh dad, hi.” Yunho says, indifferently.

Yunho’s dad, Mr. Jung, glares at his son; “Where have you been dying? I haven’t seen you at the company for nearly three days now, do you mind telling me what’s happening?” He barges into the apartment.

“Sure dad, come right in…” Yunho mumbles under his breath and shuts the door.

“What’s gotten into you, Yunho? Changmin tells me you haven’t meet him either…is there something wrong with you?”

Yunho shrugs; “There’s nothing wrong with me…” he says and his dad narrows his eyes at him. “You’re hiding something from me, I can tell.”

“Can you, now? Since when did you master the art of reading faces, dad?”

“Yunho that is no way of talking to your father.”

Yunho scoffs and looks away; “What do you want?”

“I want you back at the office right away, you have pending work…”

“…and here I thought you might have actually missed me.”

Yunho’s father opens his mouth to say something but a soft “Yunho, where are you?” stops him.

Jaejoong steps out into the living room and stops abruptly when he sees Yunho and another man in the living room; Yunho’s eyes rake over Jaejoong’s bare upper torso and he turns to his father; “Dad, this is Jaejoong. Jaejoong this is my father.”

Yunho’s father’s eyes go wide and he turns stiff; he looks at Yunho accusatively. “Yunho, what – who is this?”

“My boyfriend.” Yunho simply states and looks at his father, daring him to say something.

Yunho’s father takes a sharp breath and looks at Jaejoong; “What - how dare you?”

Jaejoong frowns; “Excuse me?”

“I know people like you; you just want him for money don’t you? Making use of my gullible son just so you could use his money…pathetic! How do you live yourself? No self respect, no pride, selling yourself like that – “

“DAD!” Yunho roars, yanking his father’s arm. “Don’t you dare talk to him like that.”

“Since when did some cheap slut become more important to you then your own father?”

“Since you never treated me like a son, since the time I have always been Jung Financing’s heir and not a normal boy, since then dad. “

“Right, I see.” Yunho’s father breathes. “I see he’s already mind washed you…I want you to come to work today. I’ll see you there.”

Yunho watches his father throw another dirty glare at Jaejoong and leave the apartment; he scoffs a laugh and looks at Jaejoong, who seems rooted to his spot and deep in thought. “Can you believe my father?” Yunho chuckles, walking over to Jaejoong.

“I can…” Jaejoong mumbles softly; “I can believe your father.”

Yunho freezes; “What?”

“He’s right, Yunho.” Jaejoong shrugs. “He’s absolutely right.”

Yunho stares at Jaejoong; “Don’t tell me you are offended by what the old man said? You actually took it seriously.”

“He’s right…” Jaejoong mutters again, looking away from Yunho. “What am I? After all, you did pay for me.”


“It was a fantasy, a nice one while it lasted but it should stop now, Yunho.”

“Jaejoong…listen to me.”

“You have a bright future ahead of you and you must not sabotage it, you’re father is right.”

“Jaejoong, my father does not speak for me.”

“Of course he doesn’t, Yunho. But he speaks more sense then you do.”

“I don’t know what to say to that.”

“You don’t have to say anything.” Jaejoong says softly, walks back into the bedroom and walks out a minute or two later, fully dressed and his bag hanging off his shoulder.

“It was really nice meeting you, Yunho.” He says and softly kisses Yunho on the lips.

“Don’t go.” Yunho mumbles but Jaejoong’s already out of the apartment.


Changmin stares at Yunho snoring on his bed; he’s known Yunho for the past twenty years but he’s never seen him like this.

He sighs and shakes Yunho up; Yunho groans and rolls over to his side. “Wha time izzit?”

“Time to get your lazy ass off the bed and into the shower.”

Yunho groans again and pulls his blanket over his head; there is a strong stench of alcohol, he hasn’t probably had a bath in who knows how long, he’s unshaven and in dire need of therapeutic help; or so Changmin thinks.

“Yunho…wake up.”

“I dun wanna…” Yunho whines and buries himself into his mattress and Changmin frowns; walks to the balcony and pulls open the curtains and he storms back to Yunho and strips him of his blanket and Yunho screams a bit and buries his face into the pillow.

“Fuck you, Changmin.”

“Up, get up and go to the shower before I manually yank you out by hair.”

Yunho sits up and looks up at Changmin; “I can’t do this Changmin, I can’t.”

Changmin studies Yunho for a long time and pats his back; “You can…” He says softly. “I know you can.”

“He won’t pick up my calls, he won’t answer the door, he’s not even at his work place; it’s been more then three weeks since I saw him.”

“I know and you are going to get through this, you’re Jung Yunho remember that?”

Yunho shakes his head and crawls out of his bed and Changmin watches him dawdle into bathroom and realizes that it’s up to him now to do something about this shit.


“Is Jaejoong in?”

“No, he isn’t.”

“Yeah, cut the bullshit I know he’s in.”

Changmin barges in and calls out for Jaejoong; “Jaejoong? Jaejoong? Jae- oh there you are.” He spots Jaejoong in the tiny kitchen, at the stove and cooking. “You remember me? I am Shim Changmin, Yunho’s friend.”

“Yes…” Jaejoong offers, looking at Changmin.

“Jaejoong this guy- “ Jaejoong’s roommate comes in and Jaejoong stops him; “Its alright Yoochun, I know him.”

“Right…” the roommate mutters and spares Changmin one last glance and leaves.

“Okay listen, I am going to get to the point here…Yunho is in a pathetic state right now and it’s all because of you. I am not even going to go easy on you because you don’t deserve it but my best friend, he didn’t deserve this shit he’s going through; all he did was treat you nicely and showed you respect and the least you could have done is shown him the same treatment and now he is wallowing in self pity and he’s going to die if he keeps at it.”

Jaejoong lets go of the breath he didn’t know he was holding back and looks at Changmin in the eye; “It’s nice to know Yunho has a friend like you, who is going to help him get through this. I am really happy for him.” Changmin stares at Jaejoong; balls his fist and punches the wall next to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong shivers slightly and maintains his composure; “I can’t make you come back, can I?” Changmin asks.

Jaejoong lets out another breath and turns to the stove; “Would you like some tea before you leave, Changmin-sshi?”

Changmin decides to treat Yunho to a drink out; he tells Yunho it’s because he wants Yunho to step out of his house and see the world. But, it’s actually because he wants to help his best friend get over something he never had.

Yunho sighs as he stares at the pint of beer; “This was a bad idea, Changmin.”

“Say that one more time and I swear I am going to punch you in the face.” Changmin growls, sipping on his beer and Yunho immediately shuts up because he has learnt when to differentiate between Changmin’s light, silly jokes and serious ones that could cause injuries.

“I am going to take a leak” Yunho mumbles after downing his beer; Changmin nods and Yunho walks out of the booth.

It’s a pretty little bar, Yunho thinks. With dim lights and private booths; a perfect escape from the everyday hectic life. He tells himself to visit this place more often with Changmin, it would really help to put his mind off other things.

He’s about to walk to the washroom when he sees Jaejoong in one of the booths; there’s a party going on, a few middle aged men with graying hair and beer bellies. All of them look rich and greasy and Jaejoong’s there; sitting in the center, arm linked loosely with one of the men, smiling and laughing and being perfect.

Yunho feels something stir in his pits as he watches Jaejoong fix drinks for them and act like a perfect doll; Yunho tries to not barge into the booth and yank Jaejoong out. But when he sees Jaejoong excusing himself from the party and heading towards the washroom, nothing stops Yunho from following.

He watches as Jaejoong bends over the basin and runs his hands under the water; Yunho’s eyes slowly run over Jaejoong’s slim body which was always so fuck-able.

Jaejoong stands up straight and gasps when he spots Yunho in the corner of the bathroom; “Yun- Yunho?” He turns around. “You scared me.”

“Did I now?” Yunho asks, stepping into the light;

“Ye-yes…” Jaejoong stammers, pressing against himself against the counter behind him. There is this scary glow in Yunho’s eyes that Jaejoong cannot miss; he almost shivers when Yunho takes a step towards him.

“Tell me, Jaejoong…no, Hero” Yunho corners him by the counter; “How much is he paying for you? Did he pay more then me?”

“What are you talking about?” Jaejoong frowns.

“You very well know what I am talking about…”

“I am doing my job now if you’ll excuse me I am on duty.” Jaejoong says, voice firm and pushes against Yunho to go to the door.

“Like fuck you are, you little whore.” Yunho catches Jaejoong by the wrist and pulls him back and pins him against the wall.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jaejoong says blocking Yunho from getting any closer. Yunho smacks Jaejoong’s hand away and presses himself forcefully against the smaller man’s body. “Tell me…” he whispers hotly against Jaejoong’s skin. “Did he fuck you yet? Has anyone fucked you yet? Do you like it? Do you like them deep inside you?”

Jaejoong tries to stop himself from moaning but there’s no use; “Fuck…you, Yunho.” He says, there is a strain in his voice. He pushes Yunho with all the force he could muster. “Go back to your perfect life and fulfill all your dad’s dreams and leave me the fuck alone.”

Jaejoong tries to storm out but Yunho strides up and blocks him; “What the fuck are you saying? I don’t want my life like the way my dad wants it to be…” He growls, pushing Jaejoong back. “…I don’t even like my life. And fuck you Jaejoong; if you think I am going to leave you alone, you are fucking dreaming; because I would never fucking leave you alone.”

Yunho’s breathing heavily and he doesn’t notice how Jaejoong’s glaring at him; “Are we clear on that?” Yunho breathes and before he knows it, Jaejoong’s pulled him and their kissing; hungry, starving kisses. Yunho pushes Jaejoong against the wall and presses into him; he wedges himself in between Jaejoong’s legs and Jaejoong gasps into the kiss; “You like that?” Yunho whispers, biting Jaejoong’s skin and Jaejoong groans and fists his hand through Yunho’s hair.

Yunho’s fingers grasp onto Jaejoong’s waist tightly and Yunho pulls him closer and kisses him again, its rough, painful, angry and accusative, lusty and raw. They stumble together into one of the empty stalls and Jaejoong slams the door behind them and makes sure it’s double locked; “Are you going to fuck me?” He asks, breath hot against Yunho’s ear; “Huh, are you going to fuck me?”

Yunho growls and turns Jaejoong’s around and Jaejoong has his forehead pressed against the bathroom door; “Would you like that…” Yunho asks, nibbling on Jaejoong’s earlobe and slowly licking Jaejoong’s neck; Jaejoong moans painfully; “Fuck me…” He says. “Fuck me.”

Yunho growls from the back of his throat and presses his erection against Jaejoong’s thigh and Jaejoong’s having trouble breathing; Yunho reaches around Jaejoong and impatiently works on Jaejoong’s pants; it’s undone in less than thirty seconds. Yunho’s long finger wrap around Jaejoong’s cock and he’s whispering dirty things into Jaejoong’s ear as he pumps it and Jaejoong’s world turning blissfully blurry; he leans against Yunho’s hard chest and allows Yunho to violate him. “Fuck…” He croaks; “Fuck Yunho….fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck

Yunho lets out a deep, throaty chuckle and a moment later Yunho’s pants are pooled around his ankles and Jaejoong lets out a strangled mewl when he feels Yunho entering, slowly, steadily and teasingly.

His insides clench around Yunho tightly and Yunho lets out a breathy moan; he holds Jaejoong by his waist tightly and doesn’t give Jaejoong the time to get used to it and thrusts hard and deep into Jaejoong and Jaejoong cries, in pain, in pleasure, in anger, in lust. Jaejoong grabs on to the door to support himself from sliding under Yunho’s strength; Yunho’s thrusts are like Yunho; strong, bold, familiar and always surprising. Jaejoong can feel his bundle of nerves bunching up somewhere and when Yunho’s hit the spot he can feel himself losing himself to some kind of a delusional dream.

They are in the bathroom, Yunho thrusting into Jaejoong, grunting from the throat and Jaejoong trying to grasp onto some sort of reality. Yunho lets out a strangled cry when he comes all over Jaejoong’s back and they both fall onto the floor, tangled and messy and tired.

Yunho reaches out to hold Jaejoong’s hand; “Let’s get out of here…” he says and Jaejoong nods weakly.


They are on Yunho’s bed, staring at the ceiling playing with each other’s fingers and finding some sort of peace in the silence;

“I want to work in a farm…” Yunho says, out of blue and turns to stare at Jaejoong. “I want to own a farm, I want to grow strawberries and my own vegetables, I want a house on top of a grassy hill, I want everything I can’t have…” He sighs. “Stupid, right?”

Jaejoong rolls closer to Yunho and buries his face into the latter’s neck; “It’s not stupid at all…” He says, breathing in Yunho’s scent and sighing. “We all want things we can’t have…”

Yunho turns to see Jaejoong and runs his the pad of this thumb over the other’s lips; “I want you….” He sighs; “I want you to be there with me on that grassy hill under the clear sky.”

Jaejoong clenches his jaw, presses a kiss to Yunho’s cheek; “We all have things we want but we can’t have them…” he says and Yunho looks away.

“Let’s get some sleep.” Jaejoong says, cupping Yunho’s cheek and the latter nods, flutters his eyes close and dreams of cottages on clouds.


Yunho wakes up to an empty bed and the aroma of delicious breakfast, he runs his hand over his face and dawdles out of bed; there’s a tray of food kept on the kitchen counter with a note next to it.

Hope you enjoy breakfast ^^

Get your ass to work today.


Yunho sits by the counter and reads and re-reads and re-reads the note and carefully folds and puts it away. He stares at his breakfast; it’s two boiled eggs, toast, bacon and a glass of orange juice. Yunho smiles as he chews on the bacon and imagines actually waking up to Jaejoong working in the kitchen and cooking him breakfast.

The door bell starts ringing and doesn’t stop, Yunho frowns and gets off the counter and walks towards the door; it’s Changmin. His hair looks disheveled, his eyes are red and his breathing is labored.

“Changmin…what? Look about last night, I am – “

“Jaejoong….” Changmin manages, in between his breathes. “….Your father…visited Jaejoong.”

“What?” Yunho manages, but he’s already pulling his coat from the coach and reaching out for his keys. “My father…what?”

“You need to meet Jaejoong now…” Changmin says and the both of them are running towards the elevator.


One look at Jaejoong and Yunho’s blood boils under his skin; he’s sitting on a chair, face buried in his hands. Yunho can’t see his face but, he knows his father’s given him a hard time.


The other man jerks up, his face looks pale with fear and his eyes seem lost and the moment he looks at Yunho there is some kind of happiness that takes over his face but once realization is restored, fear takes over.

“You’re not supposed to be here…” Jaejoong mumbles, getting up and pushes Yunho slightly. “You need to go….you don’t belong here.”

Yunho grabs hold of Jaejoong by the shoulders and shakes him a bit; “What are you saying? What did my father say to you?”

“Nothing, nothing…” Jaejoong shakes his head and looks at Yunho; “I don’t want you here….I want you to get out of my apartment, out of my life, just, please, I want you to leave.”

Yunho pulls Jaejoong into a tight hug, holds his head and presses a kiss to his hair; “We all have things we want, Jaejoong….” He whispers. “…but we can’t have them all.”

Yunho barges into his father’s office, slamming the door open and loudly announcing his entrance; “What did you say to him?” He asks, slamming his palm on his father’s table. “What the fuck did you say to him?”

His father, unperturbed, sits at the desk and signs papers and looks through the files; “Glad you made it to the office today…make sure you get some work done.” he says, not bothering to look up.

“I don’t give a rat’s ass about work…” Yunho growls. “I don’t, I want you to leave Jaejoong alone. If you have anything against me, play your dirty tricks on me; don’t you dare touch Jaejoong.”

His father puts away the files and calmly looks at Yunho; “A cheap prostitute is more important to you than your own father… that’s not fair, Yunho.”

“What did you do?” Yunho growls, clenching his fists at the side.

“I bought him, for a night; my client wanted someone pretty for an escort.”

Yunho widens his eyes and feels his jaw tightening; he fights the urge to punch his father. “How could you? How could you be so cheap?” he asks.

“What’s the difference between you and me?” His father asks, shrugging carelessly. “Didn’t you buy him too? For pleasure? I’m buying him for business purposes. If I were you I would look up to my father with respect…” A grin and Yunho wants knock the living daylights out of this man.

“I love him…” Yunho says, trying to channel all his anger to rational thoughts. “Please don’t do this, please.”

His father’s features visibly darken; “Fine.” He says, he caps his pen and gets off his chair. “Fine, I’ll let him go…on one condition.”

“What? What do you want?”

“You should stop seeing him….for once and for all. End it now and I’ll let him off the hook.”

Yunho shuts his eyes tightly and thinks of Jaejoong’s pale and scared face momentarily and agrees to his father’s condition. “It’s stupid…” he says, as he hovers around the door. “You’re the first father to act like a dictator to your own son.”

His father smiles; “You’re the first son to fall in love with some prostitute.”

“He’s not a prostitute.” Yunho says and walks out, banging the door behind him.


Yunho knows his dad far too well; when Yunho’s under his father’s rules, he knows the older man is going to do everything possible to make sure Yunho follows them, like the time, when he was younger and he was forbidden to eat cookies from the cookie jar in the kitchen; his father had gone to the extent of having security alarms attached to the lid of the jar to make sure young Yunho didn’t eat any.

There’s only one way to get to Jaejoong, and it’s Changmin. Yunho knows for a fact that every move of his was being monitored, there were probably men stationed around Yunho’s apartment, watching his every move and reporting it to their boss and so the only possible way Yunho could get to Jaejoong is Changmin.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Changmin sighs, watching Yunho.

“I have never been more serious…ever.” Yunho mumbles. “Look this is going to be as easy as snapping your fingers if we do this right.”

“Of course…” Changmin nods.

Yunho spins on his chair and turns to look up at Changmin, he holds up two envelopes; “This one’s for Jaejoong and this one’s for caretaker Kim….” He says holding up the respective letters. “I just want you to you make they both get their letters…can you do that?”

“Well of course, I can.” Changmin frowns. “Stop asking school boy questions.” Changmin snatches the letters and tucks them into his jacket pocket. “These will be duly reached, don’t worry.”

Yunho nods and watches as his best friend walks towards the door; “Hey Changmin…” He calls out.

“Yeah…?” Changmin turns.

“How did you know?” Yunho questions, quirking an eyebrow.

“How did I know what?”

“How did you know that something bad had happened to Jaejoong?”

Changmin bits the insides of his cheeks and fights hard to stop the blush from creeping on to his face; “Uh…Jaejoong’s roommate happens to play the piano at my favorite restaurant….” Changmin says, like that’s supposed to explain everything.

It does.

Yunho smiles; “Careful with my letters.”


Dear Jaejoong,

I feel so romantic writing this you have no idea. :D :D but anyway, I want you to pay attention to me, Changmin is the only we can communicate with each other. My father is fat pig and I don’t like him for this but he’s watching me and I know it. I don’t know if he’s watching you too but, I hope he’s not. Anyway, I want you to reply through Changmin; are you okay? Are you fine? Is my dad bothering you? I know what he did was pretty cheap but don’t think about it too much, alright? Eat well and sleep well and please, please, please just listen to me and quit your job. I want, no, I need you to trust me on this. Just quit your job for us to work and I want us to work and I know I can have this. Please reply through Changmin.

Also, I have sent a letter to my caretaker who lives in the countryside, a small, remote village completely off the map. He’s going to arrange something for me and I want you to join me there.

That’s it for now.


P.S: I love you.

P.P.S: you must reply through Changmin

Jaejoong smiles as he folds the letter; “So…?” Changmin asks, smiling a bit.

“I am going to ask you to wait a bit, it says here that if I have to send in a reply to him, it has to be through you.”

Changmin shrugs; “I’ll wait.”

Jaejoong nods and pulls out a piece of paper and a pen; “Oh and Changmin-sshi?” He says, before he sits down to start writing.


“Be careful with Yoochun’s heart….it’s kind of weak and falls in love with fast.”

All Changmin can do is grin sheepishly and mumble something like “don’t worry you just concentrate on that reply.”

And there’s Yunho’s reply to Jaejoong’s reply to Yunho’s letter;

Jaejoongie ^^

This is going to be my last letter to you. Don’t worry, everything’s worked out fine, caretaker Kim says he’d more than glad to have us over. And going by your last letter, I know you want to us too <3 <3 so just trust me and let me do everything from now. You just keep loving me, okay? Okay.

I love you I love you I love you

This might be my last letter but, it’s not the last of me.



Jaejoong feels some kind warmth spreading over his chest and he has no one to share it with because he does not want to disturb Yoochun and Changmin being fluffy together.


And true enough as Yunho had said, it was the last time Jaejoong got a letter from Yunho. Because the next time he received an envelope addressed to him, it was a train ticket scheduled to leave the next day morning to some remote village in the countryside Jaejoong had never heard of.

Jaejoong chuckles, places the tickets safely in his jacket pocket; “Idiot…” he mutters, pulling out his suitcase from his wardrobe and starts to dump all his clothes in.

As expected, Changmin’s under Jaejoong’s apartment the next day; “Of course I am going to give you lift till the railway station and nothing you are going to say is going to make me change my mind.”

Jaejoong doesn’t bother arguing as he loads his bag into the car’s backseat; he smiles warmly at Changmin and sits down in the passenger seat.

“Are you ready?” Changmin asks, taking his place at the wheel.

It’s a question of all sorts.

“More then ready…” Jaejoong answers.

And that’s a perfect answer.

Changmin grins and starts up the car, the car roars to life and Jaejoong tightly grips on to ticket in his hand as he watches his neighborhood zoom past.

Another roller coaster.



It’s another fresh day.

Jaejoong sits up and rests his weight on his elbows and stares at the man next to him; he’s shines under the rays of the sun, he looks soft and he feels like a dream.

“Stop staring at me, you are going to fall in love.” He says and Jaejoong breaks into a grin.

“What if I already am?” Jaejoong asks, scooting closer and resting his head on Yunho’s shoulder.

Yunho shifts carefully and wraps his arm around Jaejoong; “Are you?” He asks, burying his nose into Jaejoong’s hair.

Jaejoong remains quiet for a while, breathing to the rhythm of Yunho’s heartbeat; he flutters his eyelids shut and twines his fingers with Yunho’s; “I am…” he says, finally.

Yunho smiles and tightens his hold around Jaejoong, “I was, you know…” Jaejoong says, it’s almost like a whisper. “I was ever since I saw you for the first time.”

Yunho grins; “I know.”

Jaejoong punches him lightly in the ribs, but cuddles closer. They stare at the sky above and that moment right there, they are together and there is nobody but them.

And they are glorious together.



Shit this fic ate me up. It took me three months to write this. I don’t even know how I am still staring at it. I want it as far away as it can get from me.


And also, 7,813W.

That is something I have never achieved. So fuck yeah!

And, and, and this is wholly dedicated to my yuki because she was the first one who came know about this fic three months ago and she held my hand then and said I could do it and just a couple of hours she still held my hand and told me that I could still complete.
I love you yuki :’D and thank you for everything.

But fuck, this fic nearly had me losing hopes.

Completing wips – I am doing it right.
Tags: gods who rise, jaejoong likes yunho, yunho like jaejoong
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